We are always on the look out…

..for new additions to our team and welcome CV's from designers, project managers and the like.


As a design-based business, creativity is needed on tap on a daily basis by our team of designers.


Does design matter in a retail space?

I often think the retail interior designer industry is a little tarnished by home interior decorators.


Is busy ever bad in business?

Over the past few months a whole host of exciting projects have been keeping us on our toes.


Made In Place supports Sustainable Architecture

Here at Made In Place Design we’re big advocates of Sustainable Architecture.


Everyday Design Inspiration

You might imagine designers hunched over pads of paper, feverishly coming up with sketches and technical drawings for their next interior design, bespoke furniture commission, or other creative [...]


West Sussex Passivhaus moves on – Made In Place Homes

Since we initially wrote about the undertaking of our first passivhaus design project things have moved on apace at the site. It was found that repairs to the existing building were necessary and [...]


The impact of the Internet on retail store design

The Internet has created a global shopping centre where researching to find the right product at the right price is all at the click of a finger.


Designing on the move

As designers, it’s useful to experience as much of the world as possible in order to get new ideas for shop design, office interiors, homes, architectural work, product planning, furniture [...]