As a design-based business, creativity is needed on tap on a daily basis by our team of designers. This can become a challenge during particularly busy periods and having a schedule or working environment that fosters and develops creativity, rather than hinders it, is key.

For almost all businesses, a large workload can, at times, feel intimidating. We joke in the design studio that occasionally during the year we could do with increasing our staff tenfold – an impossibility in reality but something that our workload often demands.

So, as a team we have developed a method of approach to our schedules which allows us time to breathe – remaining on top of our heavy workload and still allowing enough time to engage the creative side of our brains.

We work well on the road – developing store and office interior designs one week and eco-homes and furniture the next – we are able carry on wherever we are.

Strasbourg architecture

We recently visited Strasbourg for a site visit on a retail design project we are currently working on. Part of Strasbourg is actually a UNESCO world heritage site, and there are bits of design inspiration scattered all over the place. For instance, the Grande Île – which means Big Island – is very picturesque.

Immersing ourselves amongst architectural treasures, sites of natural beauty and attending creative design events offer a great foundation for creative ideas and inspiration. We also regularly watch films and read books spanning different genres and challenge concepts to develop our creative thought processes.

We actively seek new concepts, words of wisdom and design concepts from many different cultures to keep our design approach fresh and current. We often share books, films, places and countries we’ve been to on our social media channels that we feel deserve to be shared.

Have a creative space, place, book or film that you feel is worth sharing? We’d love to hear from you.