Here at Made In Place, we were thrilled to win the ISG Non-Food Design of the Year and Retail Interior of the Year awards in autumn 2013 for the work we carried out on the third Paperchase flagship building in Glasgow. With more than 30 Paperchase outlets in London alone, and 187 outlets in throughout the UK and abroad, our team is very proud to have been providing retail store design services to this iconic company since the mid-1990s


Our Managing Director, Ken Wingate, says that when Paperchase first approached us, the team actually thought it was too good to be true. Despite only having a handful of stores and one flagship shop to its name at the time, Paperchase already had such cult status and was so revered for its stationary products – a reputation which has only grown over the years – that being contacted by them was unbelievable. “We thought it was someone messing around,” he says. “I didn’t bother to call them back; luckily for me they called back.” During initial conversations, we were told that Paperchase bosses had seen a store interior produced by Made In Place and liked the simplicity of the design and the straightforward approach which had been taken to reach the final creation.

At first we did little jobs for the retailer here and there, but soon after the beginning of the partnership, we were offered the chance to design the company’s Manchester store on Friday 14th June 1996. Unfortunately for both companies, this work had to be delayed by a year due to civil unrest linked to the IRA. Shortly afterwards our team was back on track and, having undertaken some smaller projects for Paperchase, we were given the creative reigns of the second Paperchase flagship store in Tottenham Court Road, London, at the beginning of 1998. By Christmas of that year, construction had begun and the store opened on November 5th 1999. And, as they say, the rest is history.


Since the late 1990s, Made In Place has worked on every Paperchase store open today. Nowadays, Paperchase is one of the most recognisable and enticing stores on the high street – something that our team is very pleased about since Made In Place came up with the original design concept for the shop and has lovingly developed it over the decades. Additionally, our Chichester-based interior design company has also been a finalist in a few different design awards over the years, having entered competitions with the Tottenham Court Road and Manchester flagships.


Not only do we work on the interior design of the stores and the exterior where the buildings allow this, but we also create every piece of furniture and shop fitting so that, as the Paperchase product range changes, items always have a suitable place in which to be displayed. In our attempts to always produce work which is innovative and quietly brilliant, we have made huge strides in retail lighting, in collaboration with lighting design consultants into.

Not only were we the first ever and, to date, the only retail designer to use embedded LEDs in signs, which allow them to be manufactured at a thickness of just 15mm, we have also been pioneers in the design of lights which, while being interesting to look at, give out a usable level of light. As a result of this work, the majority of Paperchase shops built since 2009 have an energy rating of A – which is unheard of in retail – with other stores more often rating C and D.


Here at Made In Place, we hope that our partnership with the retailer continues. Ken adds, “We consider ourselves very lucky to have worked with Paperchase for so long. I can’t think of any other designer-client retail design relationship that has lasted such a long time.” Perhaps we will go on to win more retail design awards with the company’s flagship stores. Still, whether or not Made In Place does, our team will carry on drawing up the simple and exciting designs which have made Paperchase shops so iconic.