Paperchase Tottenham Court Road

Unique identity, recognisable branding

Tottenham Court Road, London, is the location for Paperchase’s first flagship retail store. Due to its size, location and variety of product, it’s known to fans of the brand as ‘Paperchase Heaven.’

Paperchase Tottenham Court Road glass unit, retail design

The project was a continuation of the original Manchester retail outlet completed in 1998, and one of three flagship retail stores Made In Place has had the privilege to work on for Paperchase, including the award winning Glasgow store.

Particular design features include the scissor stairs in the centre of the shop which are key to the way the retail store works, as you can see product on every floor. Recent updates to the Tottenham Court Road outlet include the addition of the high value area, as well as the development of their head office space, both undertaken in 2011.

Aside from the recent 2011 additions, the remainder of the retail store still sits with the original interior design after 16 years. Photographs by Morley von Sternberg for Design Week Magazine.