Paperchase Bishopsgate

There are a number of Paperchase stores within the City of London and so, to provide each site with a unique identity, each has its own particular design interpretation. When approaching renovation of the Bishopsgate branch, the team wanted to reflect the character of its location and clientele.


See it for yourself

We’re proud to share the time-lapse video with you. Bishopsgate Paperchase was so much fun to design and implement. In truth, all Paperchase stores have been. If you’re ever in the local area then do pop in and see it for yourself.”

The store is a stone’s throw away from Liverpool Street station, which sees 75,000 people a day pass through its ‘turnstiles’ during rush hour alone. Annually, it is estimated that more than 148 million commuters use the station. Many of these people will be heading to work in the local area – a veritable hive for big business. Financial companies reside there alongside international corporations, legal services, insurance companies and lots more.

Interior store design

To reflect its very corporate surroundings, the Bishopsgate store is designed to look sleek and stylish. However, it retains an altogether more ‘complete’ feel than other Paperchase outlets, some of which have purposefully been designed to feel deconstructed. The new interior design creates a space that gives the impression of being clean, light and expansive without appearing too minimalist.

For a more recognisable brand identity, all internal features are intended to reflect the creativity of Paperchase. For example, we installed a light box behind the payment desk – a bright space to represent bright ideas! White walls and ceilings generate a fresh image – the light box adds to this considerably and complements surrounding wall prints designed independently by Paperchase Graphics.

Paper planes – Interior design

Other modern and contemporary interior design ideas developed are fun and light-hearted in nature. We created ‘paper planes’ which sit high above shoppers and are interspersed by ‘crumpled paper’ installations attached to the ceiling.

Paperchase Visual Merchandising developed this design addition. We feel it reflects the mind of a creative well; lots of discarded scribbled ideas, thrown across a room until eventually a thought is settled upon – we are far too tidy to do such a thing in the Made In Place office but metaphorically we often do much the same when brainstorming for a new project.

Creating the mood

Overall, the store is very crisp and flows nicely. The back wall –where products of high-value are showcased – draws the customer’s eye superbly, incorporating more of the wallpaper designs previously mentioned.

Orange highlights subtly accent the store and ambient lighting designed especially for the Bishopsgate branch successfully provide the bright space with a gentle warmth.