Paperchase Head Office

The overhaul took place in 2011 alongside the development of the high value area. The brief was extremely simple: To keep it clean and light whilst incorporating brand assets to a professional capacity. The brief also required Made In Place to redevelop the central office area and stair case which involved major engineering works.

Paperchase Head office stair case and office space

The original stair case isolated the lower office floors due to its location, but having extended and rotated the stair case through 90 degrees, it now provides employees direct access to the top floor of the retail store as well as becoming a focal point of the office.

The offices and meeting rooms with glass walls provide plenty of light. The all-important Paperchase stripes have been incorporated to provide colour and the obvious, as well as the kitchen where stainless steel work tops, simple white glass tables and improved lighting complete the clean and contemporary look.