Paperchase Glasgow

Made In Place has been responsible for the retail interior design of all Paperchase shops since the mid-1990s – that’s 18 years of creating innovative and exiting store exteriors and interiors, which are immediately recognisable to customers on the high street.

Paperchase Glasgow ground floor and first floor image

Building on this extensive portfolio, Made In Place entered the 16th ISG Retail Week Interiors Awards in 2013 and reached a milestone by winning Non-Food Design of the Year and the Retail Interior of the Year for its work on Paperchase’s third flagship store in Glasgow. The shop is located on Buchanan Street, one of Scotland’s main shopping destinations. In competition with other large stores in the area, it needs to make an impact: with a 40ft glass angled shop-front, hanging staircase, mezzanine areas, colored and lit floors and pared-back fibrous plaster and concrete panel walls, it does just that.

Ken Wingate, founder of Made In Place, was delighted to win the two awards and commented, saying, “We beat competition from a range of other well-known stores such as Apple’s flagship shop in Berlin, Top Shop in Los Angeles, Chanel and Diesel in London, and Marks and Spencer in Amsterdam, amongst others.”


So what was it about the project that made this store so special? The shop design had to be executed using a restrained and sensible budget, and needed to be enticing to customers without surpassing the product. An effectively blank canvas was created, in which the Paperchase visual merchandise team was able to lay out the stock in such a way that it was presented at its best. Furthermore, all the furniture and shop fittings within had to work with the merchandise, so Made In Place took to the drawing board for those too. With a clever design, Ken and his team were able to make the shop feel spacious, yet intimate, and made sure that, despite adding interesting details throughout the store, the design complemented the collection without being overwhelming.


Customers are persuaded to linger for longer, taken in by the attractive surroundings and the way they work effortlessly with the products.