Paperchase Dubai

A fantastic little Paperchase retail outlet in the Dubai Mall, UAE. This was one of a number of projects executed for Paperchase in the UAE, with this being their first stand-alone store. We also completed a small concession on part of the Dubai Metro system as part of the project.

This particular shop is very close to the Burj Khalifa tower; the tallest building in the world, which at sunrise and sunset is just stunning. It has futuristic, sort-of comic book proportions, which make it particularly breathe taking.

The retail store is still very much representative of the brand, but with a few subtle tweaks in the shop fit system. The stripes, proportions and arrangement have been altered to allow it to work in the Arab market. We executed this project in exactly the same way as we would in the UK, with the only difference being that we used a local contractor for the shop fit. To ensure both Paperchase and Made In Place’s standards were maintained, we dealt with site inspections ourselves in collaboration with Al Maya retail, Paperchase’s retail partners in the UAE. A big chunk of this store was manufactured in the UK and then shipped out to Dubai, again enabling us to ensure high standards were maintained.

The results speak for themselves. You have an extremely crisp and clear retail outlet. The glass front gives the shop an inviting appeal, amplifying the brand assets and showcasing the product entirely.

We have plenty of foreign experience here at Made In Place, with clients both past and present based all over the world. With the ease of modern day travel, in particular flying, we can actually treat all of our foreign work as if it were UK based. Commuting to Dubai for example is now extremely easy – you can get a flight at 10.00 pm, arrive in Dubai at around 7.00 am the next day their time; attend meetings, leave Dubai circa 2.30 pm local time and be back in London by about 6.30pm on the same day – good use of time! You can apply a similar work philosophy similar to the east coast of America.